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Chromia (CHR) – A Real Banger with A Great team behind!

Remember that “My Neighbor Alice” ticket to Mars and that incredible 24h pump & dump? I will never personally forget it.
I decided to do some research and find something similar, but with actual bigger value and worth hodling in on the long term!
So ALICE did well, and consider Chromia to be Alice’s big brother that can do a lot more & stay steady!

Let me remind you (this was in 12 hours and in 24 hours it was double)

But it was not a decent coin, at least not yet (it’s a game lol).

What if I told you that there is a coin that in the future will be used by all these games, NFTs, stuff and is something steady that worked with Alice? 
There is, meet Chromia! (CHR) 

Chromia advertises itself as the Relational Blockchain, to cut the long story short it aims developers, NFTs, DeFi and games and has an actual and very good use case.
As time is changing we will see Web 3.0 on blockchains and Chromia (CHR) definitely has that potential as a lot of SQL, Pythin, Java, Shell, etc. languages are implemented with Chromia so basically programmers in different programming languages will be able to code, but on a decentralized way, which is definitely more convenient, private and fast, with no central goverence or pushings from governments.

Imagine a game or any type of app developed by a BHW programmer with Chromia implementation and no one being able to put that down or change it.
We have a lot of programmers & coders here so at some point in the future they will want to develop decentralized apps as these are the future.
So I think Chromia (CHR) will be one of many options to stand out and I base my prediction on my gut (not a financial advisor) and the Nordic team behind it.
They are a great community and you know all Nordic countries and people are cool and they are definitely not the guys that want to lose.
A lot of videos from the team are popping on YouTube on regular basis – free marketing yeah, but the coin is performing well.

Imagine when they get funded from other companies and start heavy marketing? That will be crazy!
– NFT dapps will be developed on Chromia (CHR) in the future
– Chromia (CHR) offers full smart contract capabilities
– Chromia (CHR) combines SQL techniques and normal languages secured on a blockchain (huge thing for Developers)
– Developers will (I assume) develop on the Chromia blockchain since it offers a lot of options and has great resources for developers
– Chromia has other use cases (developing NFTs, blockchain games, in-game currencies, etc.)

ChromaWay who got famous in 2014 are the guys behind Chromia (CHR), if you are into researching Henrik Hjelte is the CEO and Or Perelman is the COO.
They often do livestreams and have a cool YouTube channel with a decent community behind.

Market cap & circulation
I love Chromia firstly because of it’s features and it’s something I can HODL because of the things mentioned above.
On the other hand, the best thing is this coin has a 555,247,804 max supply (WHICH IS VERY LOW) and 449,405,999 ARE ALREADY CIRCULATING!
What this means, if even if the remaining coins are all released, there won’t be a huge inflation to the price (maybe -20% to -30%) which IS NOTHING when compared to coins we are used to buy daily and believe.

Currently Chromia (CHR)’s market cap is only around ~150,000,000 (150M) – we see other coins similar to it with 5B to 15B market cap and we are still buying them.

Here is a nice video on YouTube (not affiliated with the uploader/owner):
The coin is currently trading at around ~$0.35... with 150M market cap.
So let’s compare… if Chromia CHR reaches 9B to 15B market cap and we don’t have to worry about the supply, it would be traded around $21 – $35 per coin.
So if you bought ~$5000 CHR today that would be ~14,000 CHR.
If you are patient enough, did your own research and won’t panic during a bear market / or on the other hand if we see a good altcoin season & continued bull run…
…And the point of $21 – $35 per coin is reached (let’s say I wait for $25 to cash out) – that would be 14,000 CHR x $25 = $350K and if you can wait IT REACH $35 that’s half a million ($500,000)…

Don’t do it, do research and invest what you can afford to loose. Personally, if I knew these things before, I would have not owed more than one car, I would have not bought each and every new Samsung Galaxy or iPhone that popped up, I would not spend my money on Gaming Consoles, etc. but keep for this purpose. But, I am stupid – you don’t have to be.
Just DYOR and don’t panic and this will be surely a good investment.


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