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Swipe (SXP) Warning – SXP Holders Please Read


Please be careful if you own Swipe (SXP) and decide to keep using it or HOLD it.

Today on vbuzz.org we will share an official e-mail that arrived on our Swipe e-mail tied with our Swipe account.

You are receiving this email as we are preparing to migrate our wallet to a v2 non-custodial application and migrating to the Binance Card Platform. Therefore, your Swipe Card will be cancelled on 5/1/2021. Please withdraw all your funds to an external account. Withdrawals to Binance.com are free and near-instant. We highly recommend you order a Binance Card now on Binance.com so you can get a Virtual Card to use immediately while your physical Binance Card ships so you can become accommodated with no downtime or very little downtime. If you had any locked up SXP, the SXP is now unlocked. You will enjoy your benefits until 5/1/2021 when all benefits and programs will be cancelled.

So you should definitely swap your Swipe (SXP) tokens for something else while it still has a good price! Why?
– Swipe announced that they will be migrating their cards to Binance.
– The Binance cards use a different token than Swipe (SXP)
– The migration is done all of a sudden and at once, users of the app were notified and have a very limited time to transfer the token
– Most probably Swipe (SXP) token will have no use once they migrate to Binance’s cards.

The above will lead to a rugpull or mass selling by holders and obviously most of the hodlers of Swipe are now, or already cashed out/traded their SXP token.

Act fast. The above may not happen, but we are not a financial advisor, so be careful if you decide to hodl Swipe.