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Earn Crypto with Steemit For Free And Get Rich With This Trick


The blog site post makes me $20. I can take that $20 Steem Dollars, go to Block Trades which they’re sort of tied together with Steem. I do not understand if it’s the very same ownership or what. I don’t believe so. I believe they simply utilize Block Trades to make the trades. But you can take your $20 Steem Dollars, go to Block Trades, transform your $20 Steem Dollars into $20 dollars worth of Bitcoin. Now you have Bitcoin in your portfolio, however you’ve never spent a cent on it. All you did was produce content to earn that Bitcoin. This is how Steemit works!

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Returning to the currencies since this is the most confusing part. It took me 2 months to wrap my head around. Between the Steem Coin, the Steem Power the Steem Dollar, the cost savings. There’s other things. Powering you, powering down. We can enter that in a minute too. But your Steem Dollars can be converted into cryptocurrencies on Block Chain and then cashed out however you want. Or your Steem Dollars might be powered up using into Steem Power. Also, if you desire to simply leap in there and have voting power from the first day, you can really purchase Steem, just the Steem Coin.

The last sort of thing I want to discuss is this sort of powering up, powering down. Powering up, they call it Powering Up on the Steem platform if you desire to transform your Steem Dollars which you’ve made on content into Steem Power. They call that Powering Up. It takes I believe 3 days. You can say, I’ve got $20 in Steem Dollars. I can click the Power Up button. It’ll convert it into Steem Power. Now Powering Down works a little bit in a different way. You can in fact take your Steem Power and transform that into money as well.

They have an area in there that states “Introduce Yourself.” When you compose brand-new posts you can amount to five tags on your posts. Okay. The very first tag that you utilize is the area your blog post is going to get filed under basically. Individuals can discover you naturally that way. They can search tags and find the post inside those tags. Among the most popular tags on there is a tag called “Introduce Yourself.” You had like a little goofy sign or whatever, if you sign up for Steem, they’re going to send you a little article that states “Here’s what we suggest you do on Steem.” It tells you how to compose your “Present Yourself” post.